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Bukit Timah Tuition Centre is a regional education portal that connects students, parents and educators. With our EduMarket as the central platform, students can enroll in a wide range of enriching learning programmes conveniently.

More importantly, we aim to nurture a community of inquisitive learners and passionate educators, such that anyone can gain knowledge conducively.



Learning made effective.

As the society progresses, it is important to advance and diversify the means of knowledge accumulation to make learning relevant and impactful. We have developed our very own online education platform to empower students to organise their learning and engage educators purposefully.

Real-Time Student Interaction Platform

Educators live-stream lessons to impart students with the knowledge effectively. Similar to conventional classes, students can post questions via the instant-messaging feature to clarify their doubts.

Illustrative Learning with the Virtual Whiteboard

Observe how the educator draws on the Virtual Whiteboard to understand various concepts. Students can download these illustrations in their digital archive for future reference as a form of note-taking feature.

Organised Material Storage for Productive Revision

Online learning is stress-free as we have developed a well-structured archive for students to store their class materials and personal notes securely. Students can also review their marked practices in the virtual folder.


The largest eLearning portal in Singapore

EduMarket is a centralised portal for all tuition centres in Singapore to showcase their primary, secondary and JC Tuition programmes in the virtual world. Bukit Timah Tuition Centre is one of the supporting portals that features such centres and education programmes.

Wide range of tuition programmes to choose from

Explore the available tuition classes that you can enroll in to get a headstart. EduMarket lists numerous programmes that are applicable for different age groups, particularly those at the primary, secondary and JC levels. We also have enrichment classes to make learning enjoyable and purposeful.

Be more productive by using our eLearning features

We distinguish our education portal from all other platforms by emphasising on the online learning features such as real-time video discussion tools, instant messaging, Virtual Whiteboard and learning material virtual storage.

Regional Portals

A regional education network.

Bukit Timah Tuition Centre is part of a region-specific education network to connect students, parents and educators. Within this virtual network, students can look for tuition centres that offer primary, secondary or JC tuition programmes.

Bishan Tuition Centres Logo

Browse the tuition centres featured in the Central region to enroll in your desired learning programmes. These centres are located in the vicinity, such as Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh, Serangoon, Novena and Yishun.


Explore the education centres situated in the Eastern part of Singapore to sign up for your preferred tuition programmes. These centres are found in places like Tampines, Bedok, Kembangan and Pasir Ris.

Tuition Centres

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Bukit Timah Tuition Centre features a list of tuition centres that offer primary, secondary and JC tuition classes for students to enrich their learning and be more prepared for the examinations.

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Level-Specific Portals

A online education community

In addition to the regional portals, there are level-specific education portals to provide useful information about the primary, secondary and JC Tuition programmes featured in this network. Students can find out more about the essential information for subjects specific to any of the three levels.

Primary Tuition Singapore Logo
Primary Tuition Singapore

This portal is established to provide more information on primary level education, particularly the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). It also features primary tuition programmes such as Primary English, Math and Science Tuition as well as Enrichment Programmes.

Secondary Tuition Singapore Logo
Secondary Tuition Singapore

In preparation for the GCE O Level examinations, this portal is vital for secondary students who are searching for secondary tuition programmes to expand their knowledge and improve answering skills. It includes classes like Secondary English, Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Economics Tuition.

JC Tuition Singapore Logo
JC Tuition Singapore

Get ready for the GCE A Level examinations by joining the JC tuition programmes featured in this portal. Students can browse and sign up for classes like GP, Economics, JC Math, Chemistry, Physics and History Tuition to develop effective thinking and answering skills.

Subject-Specific Portals

Know more about these subjects.

Browse these subject-focused portals to learn more about the intricacies of the concepts within. We have English, Math and Science Tuition Singapore portals to support students at the primary, secondary and JC levels.

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English Tuition Singapore
English Tuition Singapore

Grasp the basics of the English language by exploring this subject portal. We cover Grammar and Vocabulary content as well as educational videos. Try out our eLearning programmes to kick-start your revision.

Math Tuition Singapore
Math Tuition Singapore

Develop problem-solving skills through online learning programmes. Join our interactive class discussions to reinforce your comprehension of Mathematical concepts.

Science Tuition Singapore
Science Tuition Singapore

Bring out the inquisitive side of you by attending the Science Tuition programmes offered in this subject-oriented portal. We provide primary, secondary and JC tuition classes that incorporate online learning for meaningful discussions.

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Browse insightful articles

Read these articles to be informed on the latest education news. These articles are written by our featured educators to raise awareness on important matters, such as the benefits of online learning and the significance of learning English.

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