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Tampines Tuition Centres

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Tampines Tuition Centres is an online portal for students, parents and educators to collaborate and establish a cohesive education network in Singapore.
Just like Bukit Timah Tuition Centre, this tuition portal includes primary, secondary and JC tuition centres that conduct learning programmes to gear up students for the examinations.
These centres are situated in the Eastern part of Singapore, such as Paya Lebar, Bedok, Tampines, Pasir Ris and Simei. Both students and parents can sign up for their desired programmes to embark on this exciting journey.

Primary Tuition Online

Developing the fundamentals of education.

Read more about the available tuition programmes listed at Tampines Tuition Centres to build up the knowledge and skills to perform well at the examinations. Our central focus is to prepare students for the PSLE.

Primary English Tuition

Build up the fundamentals of English language such as Grammar and Vocabulary. These classes include examination questions like Grammar and Vocabulary MCQs, Cloze Passage, Editing and Open Comprehension.

Primary Math Tuition

Enhance your answering skills by exploring Math themes, such as Whole Numbers, Fractions and Geometry. Review your understanding through multiple choice, short and long answer questions with our Math tutors.

Primary Science Tuition

Improve your conceptual understanding via thematic re-teaching. Topics include Diversity, Cycles, Energy and Interactions. Learn how to answer multiple and open-ended questions and receive feedback from Science tutors.

Secondary Tuition Online

Intensify your reach for further education.

The tuition centres in Tampines feature secondary tuition programmes to ensure that students are ready for the GCE O Level examinations. Lessons feature thematic content discussion and practices reviewed by tutors.

Secondary English Tuition

Be competent in handling different question types like Situational Writing, Editing, Visual Text Comprehension, Comprehension and Composition. These practices are marked by our English Tutors to identify the writing errors.

Lower Secondary Science Tuition

Improve your knowledge proficiency by covering the fundamentals of Science. These lessons will be critical in preparing you for the later stages of Science-related subjects such as Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition

Learn the introductory components of Humanities namely History and Geography via real-time discussion with the tutors. Apply your content to examination questions to prepare for the Upper Secondary level.

Secondary Math Tuition

These Math tuition centres offer Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary classes to improve your problem-solving skills. Attempt practice questions for E and A Math and find out how you fare by consulting our Math tutors.

Secondary Chemistry Tuition

Be familiar with the Chemistry concepts by joining the O Level Chemistry tuition programmes. Review with the Secondary Chemistry Tutors to clarify your doubts on your specific concepts.

Secondary Physics Tuition

Enhance your thinking and answering skills by signing up for the thematic revision lessons. We cover topics such as Newtonian Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism based on past examination questions.

Secondary Biology Tuition

Prepare for the GCE O Level Biology examinations by revising the major themes with our Biology tutors. These themes include the Continuity of Life, Maintenance and Regulation of Life Processes.

Secondary Economics Tuition

Cover the critical topics for O Level Economics through the review of important chapters such as the Basic Economic Problem, Allocation of Resources and the Role of Government.

JC Tuition Online

Be equipped with the skills to do well for the A Level.

Tampines Tuition Centres have a vast array of JC Tuition classes to develop the thinking and answering techniques of students. Browse the following available tuition programmes to find out how we prepare you for the tests.

GP Tuition

Explore diverse real-world issues by engaging in video-based discussions with our GP Tutors. These topics include the significance of Science and Technology. Attempt GP essay and comprehension questions for revision.

Economics Tuition

Learn more about the basics of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics effectively. These online classes feature the review of JC Economics Case Study and Essay Questions for H1 and H2 Economics.

JC Math Tuition

Be prepared for the GCE A Level Mathematics examinations by revising the major aspects of Pure Mathematics and Probability and Statistics. Our JC Math Tutors will provide the notes for important formulas and practices.

JC Chemistry Tuition

Review the Core Ideas of A Level Chemistry such as Chemical Equilibria and Atomic Structure with our JC Chemistry Tutors via online lessons. These programmes feature multiple choice and free response questions as well.

JC Physics Tuition

Cover the core topics of A Level Physics, such as Thermal Physics and Newtonian Mechanics through the JC Physics Tuition classes. These online lessons feature practice questions for conceptual application.

JC Biology Tuition

Review the topics that you have studied for GCE A Level Biology with our JC Biology Tutors. Lessons include thematic discussion for topics such as Energy and Equilibrium. Try the practice questions to assess your understanding.

JC History Tuition
JC History Tuition

Enhance your analytical and writing techniques for GCE A Level History by joining the real-time video discussions. Receive summary notes for topics such as Approaches to Governance and Cold War in Southeast Asia.

Featured Centres in Tampines

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Examine the list of tuition centres to join the primary, secondary or JC Tuition classes. These centres are managed by passionate tutors who strive to motivate students as they become better at their respective subjects.

Economics Tuition Online

Economics Tuition Online offers JC 1 and JC 2 Economics Tuition programmes for students taking either H2 or H1 Economics in preparation for the GCE A Level Economics examinations. These classes involve real-time discussion of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics topics as well as the review of essay and case study questions for knowledge application.

GP Tuition Online

GP Tuition Online features JC 1 and JC 2 General Paper Tuition classes to prepare students for the GCE A Level General Paper examinations. Through the use of online learning features, students will explore various thematic issues like the environment, social media and education. Then, we go through GP essay and comprehension questions.


SGEducators features primary, secondary and JC tuition classes to nurture the fundamental knowledge and skills to be competent and ready for the major examinations. Undergo progressive learning by engaging with the tutors via online learning means like the real-time video discussions and attempt class practices to keep learning exam-focused.


Grasp Economics concepts through a comprehensive and exam-driven online learning approach to ace the GCE A Level Economics examinations. With the support from the JC Economics Tutor, you will examine relevant industry-specific case studies to form logical arguments in answering essay and case study questions.

Discover the amazing field of General Paper by joining the online learning programme. Get ready for the GCE A Level General Paper examination by engaging in fruitful discussions with the JC GP Tutor. You will learn how to analyse real world issues systematically and answer comprehension and essay questions effectively.

JC History Tuition

Enroll in the JC History Tuition Online programme to be prepared for the challenges ahead during the GCE A Level History examinations. Learn how to revise your content in an organised way and apply them to both essay and source based case study questions. Our JC History Tutor will review and provide feedback on the areas of improvement to raise proficiency.

JC Maths Tuition

Develop problem-solving skills by signing up for the JC Maths Tuition programme. These classes are available for JC students taking either H1 or H2 Mathematics. With the support from the JC Math Tutor, you will develop a structured way to analyse questions and derive the appropriate steps to answer both fundamental and complex questions.

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